ILE represents the highest expression of Made in Italy with its Italian based Companies producing high quality and premium underwear, corsetry, swimwear, lingerie, nightwear and knitwear.
The majority of the brands have an international vocation and are internationally well known.
The aim of the consortium is to join forces to propose all around the world the best of the Italian Lingerie in a more effective and complete way. We propose a format available for dedicated shop, shop-in-shop, department stores corners where our impressive range of products (from corsetry to swimwear, from lingerie to knitwear, from underwear to nightwear) can be displayed in a unique, authentic and worldwide recognizable Italian style.
In the last few years we established successful partnership in a few countries with local distributors who now benefit a simplified buying and supplying activities through the consortium and enjoy a wide range of excellent, high quality and true made in Italy products together with a precise concept of display.