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Oscalito and Natyoural offer a collection of quality, ethically responsible and sustainable underwear and knitwear. Excellence, Naturalness and Made in Italy are the three key principles that accompany the philosophy of the brands. Each creation renews the Italian tailoring tradition, from the yarn to the finished garment.
The Mission of Oscalito and Natyoural is founded on the choice of using only the excellence of natural fibers, whose processing is entrusted to the experience of skilled labor, for sustainable growth in respect of the ecosystem and in support of the social and territorial community.
We have always remained faithful to our values, creating unique high-end products, maintaining a 100% Italian supply chain to guarantee quality, well-being and comfort, and a personal and original distinctive trait.
The continuous research between tradition and innovation has led us to be the first to use RFID technology on each label to ensure complete traceability of production.

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