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Making knitwear has been a family business for more than 60 years. Madiva Artimaglia is a family business founded in 1953 in Valdengo, an area located near Biella, the famous capital of wool, and since its origins Madiva has specialized in the creation of high quality Italian underwear. In the last 10 years it has been oriented towards retail distribution in Italy and abroad, creating a new brand: ARTIMAGLIA. The plant, approximately 8000 square meters, houses the entire production cycle: from weaving to the finished product. Only for the finishing we turn to an external supplier who, however, operates in this area. Once the processing is finished, the fabric returns to the company for cutting and packaging.

We are an all-round Made in Italy company, supported by ethical and moral reasons. We produce knitwear of constant quality, guaranteed by the exclusive use of first choice fibers; we do it here, in our factory. Biella, capital of wool. Being from Biella means preserving, in all circumstances, the love for a job well done and being able to benefit from a know-how matured over the years and continuously developed. We continue to work in the Biella area by virtue of our link with the territory: we want to keep traditions alive. Having a local production allows us to control the quality of the product and to work guaranteeing reliability and satisfaction to our customer.
To continue to have a strong identity, change and innovation are fundamental, we have a new project with which we want to completely renew the appearance of our brands, without however abandoning the consistency that has characterized us for more than 60 years.
We will continue to offer garments that offer all types of women the opportunity to feel at ease. We have finally defined the change, we are in the right direction: now it is necessary to follow the path taken to the end.

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